Samsung will Disable Galaxy Note 7 in its Next Update

Samsung will invalidate Galaxy Note 7 in the next update of the system. The company seeks to force the return of the devices and protect users who still have the device. Samsung Electronics will release an update on December 19 will override all Galaxy Note 7 devices marketed in the United States. It’s a manufacturer initiative taken jointly with US institutions involved that aims to protect users who have not yet returned the device to the relevant stores.


The measure only affects devices distributed throughout the United States. Those sold in Europe due to existing regulations, will continue to operate as before. However, the next update of these devices will reduce by 70% the total battery life of the device, thus reducing its benefits and encouraging its users to adhere to the recall program.

Samsung will disable all Note 7 in the US.

Those users who have not yet submitted their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet have two main choices at this point –

  1. Exchange your device for a smartphone with similar features (like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) or;
  2. Receive a refund of full amount of the Note 7.

According to the company, about 90% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 market have already been returned to the company. With new updates, Samsung expects 10% of remaining users to finally return their devices to authorized stores.

So if you own a Note 7, return it as soon as possible because the device has safety issues and even exploded in many cases.

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