Google Pixel Launcher Leaked Online [FREE APK DOWNLOAD]

This year we will have new batch of devices Google, which like last year will have two new phones. This time the new Google phones come loaded with new features, and not just with more powerful hardware. But because the range itself is undergoing a restructuring that will result in the arrival of the Pixel phones instead of Nexus that has been around for some time. Now we can use the launcher of these new handsets on any Android phone.

Google has decided to leave behind the Nexus brand to offer this next October the first two Pixel phones. Perhaps this year’s new phones Google Android 7.0 Nougat not premiere, but it will have a new name and mark a turning point in the history of Google.

Google Pixel Launcher APK Download Links

The launcher is the most direct way to enjoy the appearance and interface of a particular phone in our mobile. In this case, we can enjoy Pixel Launcher on any Android mobile, formerly known as the Nexus Launcher , which will integrate with the new Google phones.

What is a Launcher?

The Launcher, for those who do not know, is the home screen of an Android smartphone, it offers customizability and with which you can access the application menu, as well as the widgets you have selected. Something that is only currently found in Android , as opposed to iOS, which sends you directly to your applications menu without customization.

How to Install Pixel Launcher on any Android Phone

  • Go to Settings > Security Options > Enable Unknown Sources option.
  • Installation is as simple as downloading files from above links and installing the Pixel Launcher. Once you have downloaded them, extract the contents of the ZIP file in which two APK files are located.
  • Use a file explorer and go to the location of these APK files.
  • Install both of the files.
  • Go to your Home Screen and tap on the Pixel Launcher option.

As you can see this Launcher is very similar to that of Nexus. It’s now called Pixel Launcher.

nexus-launcher-2  pixel launcher apk downloadpixel launcher leaked

The new Google Pixel has already arrived in India and is available for pre-order. Among other things, it will feature be the first release Android Nougat. No doubt the installation of this Launcher is an exceptional way to enjoy the new Pixel interface on any mobile Android even before they have reached the consumers!

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