CyanogenMod is Dead, Here Comes Lineage OS

Android community received a blow to learn about the closure of services OS by Cyanogen Inc., which in turn led to the formal cancellation of the CyanogenMod project. Offering distinct features, CyanogenMod is the most popular operating systems variant for Android devices. It was an excellent option for those devices that were discontinued by manufacturers.

Luckily, the legacy of CyanogenMod will continue through LineageOS, a new vision that will lead the OS back to its origins.


Lineage OS – The heir of CyanogenMod

The news took many by surprise, but those who have closely followed the development of CyanogenMod knew beforehand that the situation was not good. Futile marketing attempts by Cyanogen Inc., conflicts with multiple developers and the insertion of advertising from Microsoft lead to the project’s abandonment.

The error of CyanogenMod was classic – placing all eggs in a single basket. However, the open source nature of CyanogenMod gives them some chance of survival.

In essence, a part of the original CyanogenMod team decided to return to the roots and continue their work under the name “Lineage OS”. The official website only confirms that – a “continuation” of CyanogenMod.


The project also has profiles on Facebook and Twitter so anyone can monitor their developments, but we will have to wait until the new year to receive more data. Android Inc. co-founder Andy Rubin states that if a company withdraws its support from a project does not mean it should die.

In other words, it’s a new beginning for the world’s most popular alternative to the stock Android. CyanogenMod managed to provide features that many manufacturers are interested in keeping, extended support for officially discontinued devices, provided superior control to users, and in turn served as a basis for other side projects.

Some time will pass before this new project gains traction. We are very happy to know that everything’s good and CyanogenMod will continue as Lineage OS.

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