Google Allo vs WhatsApp – Why Google Allo is Better Than WhatsApp

We all know Google has miserably failed at creating a popular social media network. Now after numerous attempts to create another application for instant communication like Google Talk and Hangouts, the Search Engine giant is now investing heavily in Google Allo and it is succeeding as well. This app is giving tough competition instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger.

For users who need to know about Google Allo, it is a smart messaging application that helps you say more and do more. Today we will discuss the reasons why the new smart messaging application Google Allo can dominate WhatsApp.


Google Allo seems much more interesting than WhatsApp. They share many similarities such as using phone number for activation, users can exchange pictures, videos, voice recordings and stickers. However, there are some differences that give this new Google application the upper hand.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the reason why having the Allo application is like having your own personal assistant. With the help of Google Allo, you can search for hotels, flights, movie theaters and many more things directly from the application. On the other hand, WhatsApp is a simple search application with basic functionality.

Incognito Chat Mode  

Both WhatsApp and Allo, provide end to end encryption for chats. However, with Google Allo incognito mode, your chat is not only encrypted but the chat history disappears automatically after finishing the conversation through an expiration period.

Smart Reply

With the help of artificial intelligence from Google, the “Smart Answer” functionality is extremely useful. The app can read the text and come up with relevant suggestions which you can then use to answer the sender. It learns your writing style and improves it over time. The suggestions are simple and basic but are useful and this feature is not available in WhatsApp.

Text Formatting 

This is another useful feature that is not available on WhatsApp. Google Allo allows users to format text and send it through larger and smaller font sizes for text messages. Users can adjust the text size by dragging the send button up and down respectively.

Cool Stickers

Users only need to adjust the send button to change the size of text and emoticons using the slider. Google Allo also comes with some new and cool stickers that you’ll love to use. WhatsApp also has some text formatting features but it is simply not up to the level of Allo.

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Google Allo
Google Allo
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