6 Missing Features We Wish Were in Android

If Android has many qualities, it is not perfect, and it is not uncommon to see some of the users curse Google. Often we also agree with them. As good people that we are, there are things we would like to see changed rather quickly. Here are 6 things you would like to see change faster on Android to make it to the top!

Less Bloatware

One of the first things we would love to change is the unbearable tendency to integrate a ton of applications in Android smartphones. We thus end up with smartphones which initially had 32 GB of storage and end up with less than 25 GB.


Thus, the version distributed by Google (which already imposes its own set of applications) is now bundled with even more apps and bloatware. The champion in this field is certainly Samsung.

If unfortunately you have purchased your smartphone with an operator, you will also end up with the applications of said operator. A horror. This time, Apple has found the formula by prohibiting any pre-installed application that is not of its own.

Seamless Application Installation and Sync

If you have recently changed your Android smartphone, you probably know what I am talking about. When you switch smartphones, you do not necessarily want to have to manually reinstall your applications and restore the interface as it was on your old model.


Still, you’ll have to go there. Because even if Android automatically reinstalls all your applications, you often forget some. Some manufacturers offer transfer tools to find exactly the same interface that you had on your old model. But the limit is to stay with the same manufacturer.

Again, iOS is doing much better since simply entering your address in iCloud, we can revert to settings and “state” of the old model. A valuable time saver. No need to check everything.

More Optimized Apps

If you used an app on Android and even iOS, you would have certainly experienced that iPhone versions were much more optimized in most cases. Try the most popular applications and you will see the difference.

Again, we would like to take advantage of Android for further application optimization . In 2016, the differences in user experience will be on details. Optimization of applications is a small thing that can make a big difference.

More Polished Bluetooth

If Android is pretty good in many areas, there is one in which it does not excel, and that’s a shame. Indeed, we use bluetooth technology every day now – headphones, speakers, car and even in smart homes.

bluetooth android

The problem with Android is that connectivity is not always very stable. Very often the connection is interrupted and pairing is a bit tedious.

Moreover, overall bluetooth on Android turns out to be rather basic. By comparison, iOS (yes again) a lot of information appears about devices connected through bluetooth. For example, if I connect a Bluetooth headset to my iPhone, a small gauge battery level of my headphone appears on the iPhone. A small detail that makes a far bigger impression. This is just one example of course.

Greater Freedom 

Freedom is is the biggest problem of our smartphones today. While some manufacturers are doing better than others thanks in particular to their specific apps. Each year, Google promises a better optimization of freedom on Android. The Doze mode should do wonders but the results are clearly not there. Even Blackberry provides greater autonomy to the user.

It is a pity to see only a few manufacturers upping their game for Android. In the Android vs iOS war, the odds are still stacked up against Google. Apple has managed to properly optimize iOS even on a small battery. Yes the battery size is not everything.

Google must improve battery life on all models. Samsung has managed to do so with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and Google hasn’t!

Better Update Tracking

We saved the best for last. You never quite have an accurate picture if you are an Android smartphone user for some time now. Google’s update mechanism of Android is a real downside.


Quite simply, the waiting time to get an update are extremely long.  Apple keeps track for at least three years and all smartphones are served at the same time. Suffice to say that we, Android users, dreaming of seeing land the latest versions of the OS from the announcement in November on all our phones. But hey, do not dream too much either.

I hope now you’ll understand Android still has a lot of little things to change before becoming the ultimate OS. Meanwhile, taking advantage of its strengths namely the huge developer base and a wide selection of smartphones at all price points continues to dominate the market.

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